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Our focus is on U.S. telecommunications and Internet-technology businesses that are critical to national security and promote safe and secure connections between and among businesses and consumers, supporting them by bringing together some of the Nation’s leading experts in Information Technology business and services. Our values as an employer and partner are as follows:

  • Listen to our Customers and provide them the Best Possible Services
  • Provide a Great Working Environment for all Employees
  • Hire the Best of the Best from the Information Technology Sector and promote the hiring of U.S. Armed Forces Veterans
  • Give Our Team the Resources to Provide the Best Products and Services
  • Have Fun While Doing Great and Important Work


In addition to identifying industry vulnerabilities and protecting the American consumer, TCR Acquisition LLC also provides flexible financing solutions and expertise to support management teams in acquisitions and recapitalizations of lower and mid-market companies typically valued between $20 and $100 million. We identify unique industry positions with strong customer relationships in segments we view as critical to U.S. interests and that will benefit from our support and collaboration. We seek businesses that align with our industry experience and relationships where TCR Acquisition LLC’s participation can be transformative to increase innovation, operating cash flow and long-term value creation. TCR Acquisition LLC can act as sole investor or leverage an extensive network of capital partners depending on objectives and transaction dynamics. Our investment criteria typically meet the following characteristics:

  • Important U.S. infrastructure or service with a data security component
  • Demonstrated cash flow and/or market demand with strong customer relationships
  • A defensible industry position with compelling platform potential for added products
  • The right cultural fit that prioritizes customer and employee growth and success
If you would like to discuss a project that meets the criteria described above, please contact us.