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Telecom Infrastructure Management Expertise Strategy & Financing

TCR Acquisition

TCR Acquisition stands for ‘Telecommunications Company Repatriation Acquisition’ and our defining mission of returning to U.S. ownership vital telecommunications and internet infrastructure that has been acquired by foreign entities intending to usurp U.S. technology or consumer data for their own commercial or political benefit.

TCR Acquisition LLC is a team of American telecommunications and technology experts with strong operating experience, an extensive network of industry and regulatory relationships, and a singular focus on acquiring and operating U.S. telecommunications and Internet-technology businesses that are critical to national security and promote safe and secure connections between and among businesses and consumers.

The team working to fulfill this mission is comprised of some of the Nation’s leading experts in Information Technology and services as well as a network of industry advisors which include retired senior officers from the Armed Forces with proven IT/cybersecurity experience.

Our objective is simple: to identify and acquire U.S. companies providing critical infrastructure and services to our Nation’s businesses and consumers, supporting them with the highest level of expertise across all strategic, operational and financial aspects of their business. We take pride in matching our financial investment in companies with our personal commitment and collaboration to securely operate important U.S. infrastructure and services while creating long-term shareholder value. While TCR Acquisition LLC’s efforts are concentrated on targeted sectors, our team is comprised of industry experts from fields as diverse as cyber security and regulatory oversight to next generation logistics, making TCR Acquisition LLC not simply a financial investor, but a group capable of looking beyond basic metrics to understand and participate in the broader potential of a business.